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Celebrity Cruises

Where It Sails: In addition to beautiful beaches, Celebrity Cruises offers trips to Europe and South Africa.

Child Care: Babysitting services are available to children over 1 year old in both the kids' club and in staterooms for $19 an hour. Older children can spend their day at the Fun Factory, free of charge.

For Tiny Tots: Little gamers will love the ship's larger-than-life Xbox experience. Thanks to dedicated Xbox stations and mobile consoles, kids can play their favorite games anywhere on the ship. They can even partake in some of Celebrity's tournaments and game nights.

For Tweens and Teens: In addition to the typical lounge areas, Celebrity Cruises offers iTake to its teen passengers. In this introduction to directing, teens create a story concept and film and edit it using high-tech gear. They then show their film at the XClub Film Festival & Award Ceremony, where they are awarded amazing prizes for their work.

Source: Celebrity Cruises