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Bottle-Fed Babies Are Happy Too

Please don't send me hate mail. I agree that breastfeeding is absolutely the way to go! You should do everything in your power to try to make it work, but after trying your hardest, you may need to move away from the breast (or even supplement with formula). Be confident with your decision, and move on. Bottle-fed (be it filled with breast milk or formula) babies are happy too — I swear!

Source: Flickr user Shannon

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MGiorgio MGiorgio 50 weeks

I agree that breastfeeding can be very inconvenient, as I did breastfeed with my first daughter. However many if the reasons expressed in this article are irrelevant to the actual inconveniences. Pumping your best into a bottle is an easy solution for any of these concerns mentioned here. The one about the formula Being harder to digest... that shouldn't even be on here, as the sad truth to that is of how unnatural formula is compared to breast milk. Breast milk is natural, and also thinner, which makes it easier to digest. Formula is thicker and full of unnatural ingredients which is harder for the body to digest. Also, having to sacrifice not eating or drinking certain food for the good of your baby is a great selfless act.

I am currently 8 months pregnant and I do not plan on breast feeding. But certainly not for the ridiculous reasons mentioned here.

50 weeks

I love this....just be cos you may not be able to breastfeed doesn't mean your a bad mum!! My first was in special care for 10 days and I spent all that time and more trying to feed he had jaundice and was just too tired to...everyone made me feel terrible that I couldn't do it.. saying I was lazy be cos the milk was there. ...I wasn't lazy.. I was exhausted. So on my second I tried the beast (be cos I wanted to have a nice experience of trying) and this time just didn't have the milk supply...Both my boys are happy and healthy. ... don't let people tell you what to do.... your their mum! It's lovely if you can..but not the end of the world if you can't

SusanDean39320 SusanDean39320 50 weeks

I never breastfed my son's who are now 38 and 40...but guess what...they grew up healthy.

Stacey15030288 Stacey15030288 50 weeks

Beautiful and I agree! I would have loved to have been able to breastfeed both of my girls but it wasn't in the cards for me. I tried for a long two sleepless weeks with my 1st daughter and cried many many times and stressed and the milk just wouldn't come in. When I was supplementing more than I was actually supplying her I knew it was time to quit. With my 2nd daughter I tried for more than 3 weeks and was more relaxed about it and figured whatever she was getting from me was worth it. I also had more milk the 2nd time around but I was also supplementing more than I could supply and I was actually more accepting of it this time around! I had two very happy and healthy babies and I was more comfortable in my own skin once I strictly bottle fed my babies with formula.