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What it is: Despite its scientific name, the macrobiotic diet is fairly simple. In fact, it isn't a diet, but rather an approach to eating that emphasizes the consumption of whole grains, vegetables, beans, and sea vegetables. Fruit, dairy, and meat are meant to be eaten occasionally or not at all.

Why it's good: Nutritionally, the macrobiotic lifestyle offers benefits similar to those of vegetarian and vegan diets. It also encourages healthier eating habits, such as eating only when hungry and in an environment that's free from distractions.

Why it may not be for your child: While we see fat as the enemy, it actually helps your children build their hormones and absorb other vitamins. Under the macrobiotic lifestyle, kids often consume less than the recommended amount of fat, which could be a bad thing. Finding proper produce and cooking in a macrobiotic way (i.e. no microwaves) also takes a long time, which few moms have.

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