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POPSUGAR: Congratulations on the engagement! You two are obviously excited, but how does Evan feel about it?

Jenny McCarthy: My son is so excited. I'm so grateful to Donnie that he included Evan [in the proposal], because Evan will know forever that it was special. When I said yes, Evan screamed for joy. It was such a beautiful thing for him to be involved in. He knows what true love means.

PS: When you were dating, did you have any rules for introducing men to Evan?

JM: I had a strict six-month rule. When I got divorced, I said if a guy could make it past six months then I would introduce them. It worked for a long time because there were some guys I dated who didn't go past two months, and I was so glad Evan never met them. I was also in serious relationships for a long time, so Evan didn't meet that many men. Then Donnie came along, and I knew it was time for them to be introduced. It was love at first sight.

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry

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