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PS: Birdie's birthday is also in the Summer. Any special plans for that?

BP: We're having a Full House birthday. Birdie gets one show a day and she chooses Full House. It used to be Brady Bunch, then for a while it was just parts of Frozen. Now she's become so obsessed with Full House.

PS: How are you going to pull that off?

BP: Not sure yet. Haha. Stay tuned!

PS: Well, you seem to be a natural at this stuff! We were in awe of your Frozen cake and Elf on the Shelf endeavors. Where does all this creativity come from?

BP: A lot of it comes from my mom. She definitely encouraged creativity and activities. She was always coming up with fun stuff for my sister and I to do. I had a Summer birthday, and my birthdays were always loaded with arts and crafts. You remember that show Double Dare?

PS: Yeah! Such a great show.

BP: Right? Why don't they bring it back? Anyways, I had a Double Dare birthday party when I was little and my mom did all the challenges in our backyard like whip cream, slip and slide, and a giant kiddie pool filled with spaghetti and meatballs.

PS: Does she help you plan your daughters' parties?

BP: She does actually. She loves helping me with the cakes. I learned my cake skills from my mom, but I've taken it a little bit above and beyond.

Source: Instagram user busyphilipps

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