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Easy Does It

"My husband was three hours out for a work meeting. I woke up at 7 a.m. to one contraction and remember telling myself, 'Today will be the day.' Around 10 a.m., I drove my 2-year-old to grandma's house and came back home to time my contractions. By 1 p.m., my contractions were two to six minutes apart. I drove myself to labor and delivery. They set me up in triage around 1 p.m. at two centimeters and 90 percent effaced. At 4 p.m., my room was ready and my contractions were really intense. I walked to my room, sat in my bed, and said hi to the nurse. At 4:15 p.m., my water burst, and I screamed 'I need to push.' By 4:16 p.m., my little nugget's head was out. My doctor never made it. He was delivered by a room full of nurses and two resident doctors. Could not have asked for an easier labor!"

Source: Flickr user Raphael Goetter

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