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On Competitive Sideline Parents

"You have to understand it is just a game and the point of getting your kids into sports at an early age is to build character and to build leadership — to learn how to deal with success and failure and keeping a level head no matter what the circumstance. You have to be careful with parents getting too competitive for their kids and setting a bad example with kids' sports.

"My dad never got too competitive with our sports. He wasn't trying to live his athletic career through us. He just supported us and was there for us. If we wanted to work on something, he helped us. But after a game, it wasn't about winning or losing, he gave us a hug no matter what and said, 'Hey, let's go home' or 'Let's go get something to eat. You played hard, and don't take it too seriously.'"

Image Source: Getty / Slaven Vlasic
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