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Problem: An unfortunate and unwelcome souvenir from a day of fun at the beach or pool, sunburn isn't just uncomfortable, it can have scary repercussions years down the line as well.

Solved: Every mom knows that frequent and thorough sunscreen application is essential any time your kids are going to be playing out in the sun. But if the rays get the best of them, there are a few wise ways to treat the painful burn. The good news, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, is that young skin heals a lot more quickly than older skin. Since sunburn can cause dehydration, make sure that your child drinks plenty of fluids. A bath in a clear (no bubbles!), lukewarm tub can cool and soothe the skin, as can the application of a light moisturizing or calamine lotion. Steer clear of any product containing alcohol, hydrocortisone, benzocaine, or added antihistatmines. And be sure to use a gentle hand when applying lotion — the last thing that burn needs is added agitation.

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