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Monster High (or Other "Risque" Dolls)

I can handle the idea of talking to kids about Barbie's unrealistic proportions — I was a big fan as a child and never felt myself feeling insecure around a doll. But from Bratz to Monster High to what My Little Pony has become, I see no reason for kids to be parading around scantily clad teens or ponies or whatever. No siree.

Likelihood That It'll Last (on a Scale of 1-10): 7 — Right now we only have a little boy. A truck-, plane-, and train-loving boy. But who knows what the future holds. If we ever have a little girl, I'm well aware that I can't control her birthday gifts or what she's exposed to at friends' houses.

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48 weeks

I agree with everyone else that's commented. Kids learn from what you teach them at home & from watching you, they don't learn how to behave or act from a toy, but I guess everyone's perception is different. My mom is a radical Christian who thinks the doll line is satanic & I am going to hell for letting my girls play with Monster High; well, she can have a cow, I think the doll line is absolutely adorable & my girls love them because each one of the dolls is so different & color doesn't matter.

49 weeks

My 7 yr old daughter recived all of the monster high dolls as well and she adores their movies and shows and my perception of these dolls were never negative or not appropriate. I know to each it's own. But as for me and my daughter there was no way I could've let Christmas or her birthday pass without those dolls.

cassandrahanson67745 cassandrahanson67745 49 weeks

My daughter has all the monster high dolls. I love how they are different and do not have the expectations they should have big boobs and a tiny waist. These dolls are different and I think its teaching these girls that different and imperfections are ok. And barbies clothes are no different from any of these other dolls clothes, except barbies are less colorful. These other dolls express there individualism and different is ok. It's all in a persons perception. Just like boys and play guns, it's not the toys fault they end up a certain way, it's all the people that influence that, not a toy!

SuzanneMcLaughlin45785 SuzanneMcLaughlin45785 49 weeks

As a mom of a 9 year old daughter with many Monster High dolls I can say that having them ....even scantily clad....hasn't made my daughter want to dress like a hoochie. What she likes about them is that each doll is a different species and unique. She also enjoys the Monster High videos where there is typically a "lesson" to the story about accepting others even if they are different. So while I understand your concern about those types of dolls I can say from experience my child only gets positive lessons from liking them.