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Light-Up Sneakers

I'm the last one to say that all shoes have to be utilitarian — impractical shoes are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. But I draw the line with these kinds of bells and whistles. Light-up sneakers aren't just annoying to parents (and clunky on kids), they're somewhat irritating to anyone who crosses their path.

Likelihood That It'll Last (on a Scale of 1-10): 7 — I'd give it an 8 or 9, but I did fork over my credit card for firefighter rainboots last week because they made him so happy.

Source: Kids Woot!

AnitaHeuss AnitaHeuss 2 years

The reason light up sneakers were developed in the first place were safety concerns for children in poor light conditions. Who would let their kids play outside at night, certainly not you right? I thought the same way until at about 11:30 one night my 3 year old niece came in the back door. She and her parents lived a quarter mile away. They had put her in bed at 8 and gone to bed themselves at 10. She woke up, got up and dressed herself to go visiting after 11. I do not consider lights on sneakers just any old bell or whistle.

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