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A TV in the Bedroom

The TV is probably on a bit more than it should be in our house. And if it allows us to enjoy a meal out or have some quiet time on a long car ride, I'll fork over the iPhone. But I draw my line at the idea of my son ever having a television set in his bedroom. Completely and totally unnecessary.

Likelihood That It'll Last (on a Scale of 1-10): 9 — I can't see why this would ever have to happen. I'm standing by this one. There are plenty of other portable screens out there . . . enough is enough!

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NancySanwick NancySanwick 2 years

Get real! I agree with only 2 of these; the tv in the bedroom and Barney. As for the toy guns, a boy will make a gun out of a stick, his hand or even a pop tart, so why not get him a toy gun and teach him gun safety now?! You all sound like a bunch of overprotective helicopter parents who are raising kids that will be rebellious as hell when they get older.

VerenaMoore VerenaMoore 2 years

I have to agree with you, except for the light up sneakers. My husband and I had taken out toddler to the park and it was one of those nights that got dark faster than normal (we guessed it was clouds that came in fast). Anyway, we lost sight of him as he hid behind a tree, if it weren't for the light up shoes... Let's just say I will buy him, and my other little guy light up shoes for as long as they make them in their size!

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