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Get Your Sweet Tooth Ready

The kit that Foodstirs sent to us to try out featured its seasonal special, the Summer popsicle kit (essentially iced brownies on sticks). It hadn't been clear to me from the website, but you should know that all the kits currently being offered are baking projects, not full meals.

I'm of the "everything in moderation" mind-set and would always prefer to use fresh ingredients and involve kids in the process than have them scarf down a sleeve of Oreos, so I found this to be a fun approach. That said, if you're concerned about your kids' weights or are trying to cut back on the sugar intake in your house, this probably isn't the kit for you.

Note that every Foodstirs box does come with a recipe card for a healthy, easy-to-make dinner (think grilled salmon or turkey meatloaf cupcakes), so with a little advance prep — and a trip to the grocery store — you can turn the kitchen experiment into a full meal.

Image Source: Foodstirs