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"He looks hungry, you must not be providing him with enough milk."

By monitoring a baby's wet and dirty diapers, as well as their weight gain, a mother can ensure that her baby is taking in the proper amount of milk.

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4 years
Doctors are not trained in human lactation. They use weight charts provided by formula companies based on formula fed babies- not the biological norm of breastfed babies. You wouldn't see a podiatrist for a tooth ache- if there is a question about breastfeeding it should be addressed by somebody TRAINED in breastfeeding management- an Internatinal board certified lactation consultant(IBCLC) or La Leche League leader.
5 years
A doctor basing it on growth isn't saying it for no reason whatsoever, which is why I said doctors basing it on no reason whatsoever. It is incredibly common for a doctor (and many nurses) to see a perfectly healthy, normally growing baby and still advise Mom to supplement.
5 years
Actually if a DOCTOR is saying your child isn't growing properly and isn't getting enough to eat, they are trained to spot these kind of things and are certainly not basing it on "no reason whatsoever" just to annoy you. This would therefore be different than a random person chiming in and telling you what to do.
5 years
What's worst is when it's a DOCTOR saying this as a rule, rather than the exception. It's certainly possible to not produce enough milk, but it's more common for doctors to decide it based on absolutely nothing. Supplementing has become the norm, which is perfectly fine if that's what mom wants to do, but doctors recommend it for no reason whatsoever.
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