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"When can I have those back?"

When coming from a husband, even one who is joking, a nursing mom may take this the wrong way.

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5 years
When my (now 4 yr old) son was just a couple of months old, I was at a mall, sitting on a bench, discretely nursing my son. A woman approached me, and said "ohhhh, he's so beautiful" I thanked her, and she asked if I could hold him up so she could see his face. I explained that he was feeding, and wasn't able to hold him up at the moment. I was subtlely trying to get her to leave us be... She said that he wouldn't mind stopping for a minute... Clueless woman!
5 years
my soon to be ex husband told me i needed to pop the tit out of our 11 month old's mouth!!!
5 years
OMG, people are stupid and insenstive enough to say these things?!