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Make Sure Your Supply Is Up

If your little one is not getting enough milk at a fast pace, he is more likely to get distracted from feeding. The harder it is, the harder time he'll have concentrating. Increasing your milk supply may be all it takes to get baby back in the swing of things.

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5 years
Somehow I'm not at all surprised that lilsugar didn't bother changing the picture or updating the story.
5 years
Seriously, this is by far the stupidest photographed to have used in relation to this story. Like shockingly stupid. Wow.
5 years
I have to agree with the other commenters on the image with the bottle! Bottle feeding your baby is NOT going to help your supply, and in fact will probably hurt it. But the most common reason babies are distractible at the breast is that they're just going through a developmental phase. This is especially true around the 9 month mark, when they are suddenly more aware of their world, and again when they start to become mobile. They're just interested in learning about everything around them, but when the newness of the new skill wears off, they'll become good nursers again. What really disturbs me about this post is the implication that if your baby is going through a distractible phase, it must be that you have low supply. That's not only NOT true in most cases, but could undermine women's confidence in breastfeeding and lead to her supplementing with formula, and then losing her supply for real. There is much better information on nursing a distractible baby here on Kellymom:
noelove noelove 5 years
You are sending mixed messages showing a mother bottle feeding while talking about increasing milk supply. I urge your to change this image immediately before you do more damage to a new moms confidence.
5 years
Why in the world does page 5 show a woman BOTTLE FEEDING while saying it's a good idea to increase your supply? The two DO NOT go hand in hand!!!