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16 Unique Treat Bags to Grab and Go

Jan 20 2010 - 4:00am

I like to always have a stash of dog cookies on hand when walking my pooch . . . however, I'm less fond of finding the crumbs in my pockets or bottoms of my purses. There's no need to sacrifice form for function so click through these adoro Etsy finds to get that treat toting job done in style!

Cookie Pocket For Dog Cookies

Attach this Cookie Pocket for Dog Cookies ($17) [1] wherever you see fit . . . and how fitting is it that there are cookies pictured on it, too?!

Paw Print Drawstring Bag

These sacks feature the owner's actual dog print on cotton — and a portion of the proceeds from the Paw Print Drawstring Bag ($6) goes towards a non-profit, too.

Doggie Treat and Training Pouch

With a bone-shaped carabiner, the Doggie Treat and Training Pouch ($15) [2] attaches right to your belt.

Casey Doggie Bag

Rich fabrics and contrasting colors single out the Casey Doggie Bag ($17) [3] from the rest of the pack.

Personalized Dog Treat Bag

In case someone tries to snag his snacks, this Personalized Dog Treat Bag ($10) [4] comes with his name written right on it.

Doggy Burlap Treat Bags

Add a clip or simply tie and untie when using these Doggy Burlap Treat Bags ($10) [5].

Pocket Treat and Training Pouch

It's like an extra pocket but you'll be glad to still find snacks inside this Pocket Treat and Training Pouch ($15) [6].

Retro Dog Treat Pouch

Even though it uses a vintage fabric, the Retro Dog Treat Pouch ($8.50) [7] never goes out of style.

Boss Dog Treat Bag

Fill this bag full and leave it in a car — 'cause, no bones about it, you know who's in charge with a Boss Dog Treat Bag ($8.50) [8].

Mini Stylized Floral Bag

With teensy pompoms, this Mini Stylized Floral Bag ($20) [9] has room for snacks and a poop bag holder as well.

Adorable Puppies Zip Storage Bag

This Adorable Puppies Zip Storage Bag ($8.50 [10]seals shut, which is perfect for tossing inside a purse.

Dachshund Squares Treat Bag

Another drawstring style seals up tight — the Dachshund Squares Treat Bag ($14) [11] has plenty of room for two handfuls of snacks.

Winter Sparrows Small Poocheze

Tiny and cute, the Winter Sparrows Small Poocheze ($8) [12] is perfect for packing bones on the go.

Owls Leash Bag

With a machine hook, loop this Owls Leash Bag ($8) [13] on a belt before you head out.

Doggie Treat Bag

A satiny ribbon seals up this Doggie Treat Bag ($15) [14] when not in use.

Turquoise Blue Corduroy Training Bag

If you're using tiny training treats, this pack has room for them all plus spots for a bigger snack in the front pockets of the Turquoise Blue Corduroy Training Bag ($22).

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