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2009 Westminster Winners: Sporting Group

Welcome to Day Two of Westminster kicking off with the Sporting group. Made up of dogs that point the game with their noses (i.e., the pointers), flush the game out (i.e., the spaniels), and then retrieve the game (i.e., the retrievers), these pooches are bred to be busy bees. Bonus points for getting my movie joke there.
But I digress. There are some stunners in this group with two of the country's most popular breeds making the final cut. Who came out on top? Find out and read more.

The super-cute Sussex Spaniel was the big winner! I have to say the cute fella won me over with his name – I dare you to look at this pup or try to say "Stump" without smiling. Impossible.

Rounding out the group placement:

  1. Sussex Spaniel: Ch Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee. Male born Dec. 1, 1998.
  2. Golden Retriever: Ch Toasty's Treasure Island. Female born June 12, 2004.
  3. English Setter: Ch Chebaco Blames It On Trabeiz. Male born Aug. 14, 2002.
  4. Labrador Retriever: Ch Beechcroft Study's Top Secret. Male born July 11, 2005.



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