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25 Hot Pics From the Life on White Project

Nov 17 2009 - 10:30am

When first hearing about the daunting task of the Life on White Project, aiming to photograph animals with a plain white background, I thought the posing process and sheer number was the trickiest part. That is, until I saw it included animals like lions and hippos and not just puppy dogs and kitty cats. The photographs are all truly stunning, some silly and others serious or straight to the point. Check out 25 lovely shots by Eric Isselée and his team of (human) assistants when you start this slideshow.

Sleepy Lions

Those teeth may be small now but watch out!

Chimp Dance

Put your right foot in and you shake it all about.

Chinese Crested

Three little pooches all in a row.

Woven Tricky

Rope 'em, hook 'em, catch that banana.


This yawn's contagious.

Tall Anteater

This anteater looks like he's about to tell a joke . . . or give someone a hug.

Hear No Evil

Cover those ears.

Tiny Bubbles

This fish is breathing in.

What a Hoot

And what big eyes you have, Mr. Owl.


Somewhere in there is a face . . . I swear.

It's Cuddle Time

Snuggle, snuggle, don't touch my stuffie.

Be Batty

No flying right now, simply resting.

Hairy Spider

Hopefully this one won't scamper too fast to the camera.

Hang in There

Aww, I could see this as a future motivational poster.

Tiny Tongue

Bright snake, wee little tongue.

Little Prairie Dog

No dirt here, he's stuck without burrows.

My Little Pony

This teensy horsey looks like she's sitting.

You Caught Me!

Such a cute little face.

Wise One

So serious sitting down.

Giddyup, Parrot

Fly away now.

Wrong Side Up

Hanging around, upside for the two-toed sloth.

That's My Jam

Wonder if he's listening to a funny tune or a comedy show?

Roly Poly

This wobbly babe needs to find all four on the floor.

Straight Back

This ape takes a good stretch.


I loved that slideshow, time for a nap.

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