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5 Ways to Brighten Your Laundry and Lighten Your Load

Nov 18 2010 - 5:45am

We are always looking for ways to bring balance to our lives. Why not start with the laundry? Here are five great ways to brighten your wardrobe. [1]Be sure to click here [2] to start sparkling up your wardrobe and save $1 on Cheer [3] Bright Clean!

Cheer Bright Clean: Bleach Alternative

This ain't your momma's bleach! Cheer Bright Clean Bleach Alternative [4] is gentle with your colors but WILL help get out the stubborn stains. Hurrah!

Cheer Bright Clean: Bounce Fresh Linen Scent

For Summer whites and Spring smells in the dead of Winter, use Cheer Bright Clean's Bounce Fresh Linen Scent [5] and then revel in the Summer scents of yesteryear (sigh).

Cheer: For Darks

That little black dress is one of your favorite items, and Cheer Bright Clean for Darks [6]helps keep your blacks black and your navy blue enough to make a sailor proud.

Cheer Bright Clean: Free & Gentle

There are no more excuses for wearing those dingy-whites, because Cheer Free & Gentle [7] provides sparkling bright clean without dyes and perfumes.

Cheer Bright Clean: Fresh Clean Scent

Nothing's better than sparkling bright whites with the classic Cheer Fresh Clean Scent [8](just like on a Tuscan clothesline).

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