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Happy Pets in Celebration of National Pet Month

May 6 2014 - 6:34pm

Celebrate National Pet Month with this collection of adorable pets that are as happy as they can be. From grinning guinea pigs to smiling cats, all of these pets are seriously cheery. The month of May is dedicated to sharing just how special animals are and the benefits of taking care of pets. Giving your favorite friend a cuddle lowers blood pressure and promotes good overall health — and shows your pet that you think he's special too.

Source: Flickr user glennsajan [1], Instagram user raiment [2], Flickr user zebarnabe [3], and Instagram user tofuthebritishshorthair [4]

How cute is this smiling kitty?

Source: Flickr user glennsajan [5]

Check out this big grin!

Source: Instagram user aradague [6]

This guinea pig is all smiles.

Source: Flickr user Jan Tik [7]

Hey there, happy dog!

Source: Flickr user Muffet [8]

Nothing better than a smiling froggy.

Source: Flickr user Samuel Sharpe [9]

This cat's so happy to have a lap to sit on.

Source: Instagram user tofuthebritishshorthair [10]

This pooch has lots to grin about.

Source: Flickr user zebarnabe [11]


Source: Instagram user theothertim [12]

This pup's ready for a great day!

Source: Instagram user adriennegardner [13]

Another happy cat.

Source: Flickr user angeloangelo [14]

This rat loves his friend.

Source: Flickr user AlexK100 [15]

Yup, that's one happy pup.

Source: Instagram user raiment [16]

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