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Westminster Winner Banana Joe Introduces Affenpinschers to the World

Feb 18 2013 - 4:13am

The newest (and cutest) dog breed in the spotlight is the affenpinscher. When Banana Joe was crowned best in show [1] at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Tuesday, the whole world was asking, "What is that funny-looking little thing?" This toy breed is marked by its scruffy, monkey-like face, so it's no surprise that affenpinscher literally translates to "monkey terrier" in German. If you're considering adding an affenpinscher to your family, you'll want to consider some pros and cons.

At an average weight of seven to 10 pounds, this little dog has a big heart and even bigger character. According to this Dogs 101: Affenpinscher video on Animal Planet [2], "The affenpinscher is spunky times 10." They are extremely playful, adventurous, intelligent, and even a little mischievous. Because of their small stature, they make perfect indoor dogs and travel well, but they can also be easily injured due to their size. Affenpinschers are also prone to ailments, including eye, teeth, hip, joint, thyroid, and heart disease, which could rack up a high vet bill. And maybe because they're so spunky, these little fellas can be difficult to housebreak.

Whether or not you're in the market for a new pet, we've culled some pics of this peculiarly cute dog for you to pore over. Click on and get to know the affenpinscher.

Source: Flickr user dog_photographer [3]

Could this be the definition of scruffy?

Source: Flickr user kjunstorm [4]

This little affenpinscher looks like he's had a long day.

Source: Flickr user dmjarvey [5]

This scrappy little guy looks ready to play.

Source: Flickr user dmjarvey [6]

Look into his eyes and tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen. That's right, you can't.

Source: Flickr user dog_photographer [7]

Affenpinschers come in black, tan, gray, red, and beige (like this one).

Source: Flickr user sally9258 [8]

Another affenpinscher at a dog show. Looks like another winner to me!

Source: Flickr user Ger Dekke [9]

And here's one more look at Banana Joe winning best in show. Congrats, Joey!

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