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Artistic Pictures of Animals at the Hagenbeck Zoo

May 21 2013 - 6:00am

From ferocious lions to swimming penguins, this collection of artsy pictures from the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany, will have you mesmerized. The zoo, which opened its gates in 1863 and has been run by the Hagenbeck family since 1907, was the first to use open enclosures surrounded by moats instead of barred cages to create a more natural setting. Encompassing several acres, the park houses animals from all over the world, including tropical sharks, Asian elephants, tigers, and lions. Click through this collection of artistic images that share the amazing beauty of the animals of this zoo.

Wonderful Walrus

This walrus looks like it's surrounded by glorious sun rays while enjoying a leisurely swim.

Proud Peacock

Showcasing its full feather spread, this proud peacock was absolutely glowing.

Glorios Goats

Even this family of Capricorn goats looked beautiful through the lens of this talented photographer.

Humboldt Penguin

Photographed through the glass enclosure, this penguin was caught in a peaceful pic.

Gigantic Giraffe

Flanked by other giraffes and friends, this tall giraffe was more than happy to pose patiently for this picture.

Up Close and Personal

Here's a goat that's ready for his close-up.

Polar Bear

This polar bear was enjoying a stroll while being photographed.

Lion Roar

The composition of this picture makes this lion look like he's really king of this zoo jungle.

Austere Ostrich

Taken from a lower angle, this profile picture of an ostrich really makes a statement.

Serene Flamingos

With the reflective water, this photograph of a collection of flamingos almost looks like painting.

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