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Be Still My Heart: Sweet Animals With Lovely Markings

Feb 10 2011 - 3:16am

That's right, this is a slideshow of love . . . and lovely markings. To get ready for Feb. 14, I've gathered up 10 creatures who wear their hearts proudly. From cats to cows, check them out and start this Valentine's Day display of affection.


This rescued cutie is named Norman and makes his home at the Northern California Farm Sanctuary [1].

Source: Farm Sanctuary [2]

Lovely Chihuahua

Remember this cutie, Heart-kun [3]? He scampered his way to fame in 2007.

Source [4]

Open Your Heart?

Enzo was adopted from the Animal Friends Rescue Project [5] — who couldn't resist this little guy with a heart on his heart?

Source [6]

I See You, Love!

Of course with all those spots, you'd expect a Dalmatian to have a heart-shaped one every so often. This pup's heart over his eye popped out at me immediately.

Source [7]

"Ha-chan" Is Famous

This Friesian calf was born in Japan on Jan. 25 last year, and was all over the news for his heart-shaped head marking.

Source [8]

Hattie Heart

This little pony has a heart on her side — and an appropriate name of Hattie Heart. Love.

Source: HafasMini Acres [9]


You may remember this piggy, Valentine, born in February 2009 [10]. Yup, it's hard to forget that face.

Source [11]


Also a resident at Farm Sanctuary, this cow's fittingly called Cupid. I'm gonna call him cute, too.

Source: Farm Sanctuary [12]

One-Heart Blood Parrot Fish

This One-Heart Blood Parrot Fish (also known as cichlasoma var) was displayed at Taipei Sea World in 2004. His whole body's a heart, and bright red to boot.

Source [13]


Turns out these hearts are fairly common for Holstein and Jersey breeds of cattle. This steer's named Valentino and is another lucky cow saved from abuse and neglect . . . and finding a forever home at Farm Sanctuary.

Source: Farm Sanctuary [14]

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