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Go Bananas For 9 Animals Monkeying Around!

Jul 23 2013 - 6:31pm

Today is National Monkey Day! Although this holiday technically commemorates the day John Scopes was convicted for teaching evolution in the infamous Monkey Trial [1] ending on July 21, 1925 (bet you didn't know that fact), we decided to use that bit of history to commemorate some silly monkey phrases. Check out cute creatures acting as the saying would imply — "Monkey see, monkey do," after all!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

While the children reached out hands to offer leaves to this monkey, he in turn reached his hand to offer some back.

Monkey's Uncle

"To express disbelief or skepticism at an idea, or surprise when you find something unexpected to be true" is pretty much what's written all over this Black Spider Monkey's face — so he's a monkey's uncle!

Monkey Bars

It may be just a branch, but doesn't this creature look like he's swinging as if on a playground's monkey bars?!

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

Although not an actual barrel of monkeys, this branch full of monkeys is just about the closest thing — fun commencing soon.

Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys!

A joking threat that references the creatures from The Wizard of Oz, this Barbary Macaque looks midtantrum!

Cheeky Monkeys

This duo is begging for food from drivers — what cheeky monkeys they are!

Going Bananas

OK, so this monkey's not exactly crazy, but the mandrill's definitely going for this banana!

Monkeying Around

This monkey is about to splash around with his reflection — what water-time fun!

Love Monkey

Awww, a proud papa and baby Geoffroy's marmoset get snuggly like little love monkeys!

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