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Say Season’s Greetings to 10 Tips ‘Til the Holidays

Dec 22 2010 - 10:00am

It's almost time — are you ready? I've rounded up 10 seasonal tips for cold weather so remember them all and stay safe and festive!

Low Visibility Doesn't Put Just You at Risk

It's hard to see anything when driving in the dark [1] so don't let pets roam off leash and check for cats resting under hot spots if you park outside and have strays in your neighborhood.

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks . . . Salty Sidewalks

Although electrocution is rare, there are other dangers on city sidewalks [2] like states that allow poisonous snow melts and salts.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Be mindful of dogs' playtime behavior outdoors — don't stay out all day — and bring outside pets in when temperatures drop as freezing temps [3] put pets at risk.

Save the Planet and Pets — Dispose of Antifreeze Properly

Sweet-smelling and tasting (purportedly), keep antifreeze [4] away from dogs and cats.

Picking the Best Tree

If you haven't already gotten a tree, here's how to choose one [5] and where to put it in your home if you have cats that like to climb or dogs that view it as one huge fetch stick!

Food Doesn't Belong on the Tree!

This should come as no surprise, but if your pets can reach the food on the tree, then you can't stop sneaky snacking [6].

What's Hangin' on Your Tree?

Of course, anything fragile shouldn't be a hanging tree decoration [7] in a pet-filled home but do you know the dangers of tinsel, too?

Animal Lovers, Don't Get Tangled Up

If your tree is decorated with Christmas lights [8], don't ever leave them plugged in [9] unsupervised around nosy animal mouths!

If Not Held High, Kiss Off Mistletoe

Mistletoe isn't the only dangerous plant! String up all these seasonal hanging plants [10] out of pet's reach.

Poinsettia and Beyond

There are many potted plants [11] that come out this time of year and are poisonous [12]. Know which to keep out of your home and keep your pets safe.

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