Awwdorable Baby: Jenny and Jolan the Camel-ly Family

I am baby camel hear me . . . roar? Since I wasn't so sure what noise these creatures made, I did a bit of research and turns out they moan, groan, bleat, and roar. (Trivia tidbit — they also make a rumbling growl that served as one of the sounds creating Chewbacca's voice in the Star Wars movies!)

I've gotten a bit off track but, no matter what Jenny is trying to say here, I'm answering back – this lil J's already absolutely adorable. Meet the one-day-old (!) camel seen with her 17-year-old mother at the Budapest Zoo Park and Botanic Garden. Jenny weighs about 77 pounds and can snuggle right up to Jolan. Hopefully, she won't start the trademark camel spit up yet!