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Baby Monkey! Meet the New Resident at the Brookfield Zoo

Apr 8 2013 - 3:30am

The Brookfield Zoo [1] welcomed an adorable Angolan Colobus baby monkey just a few weeks ago, and this little one is seriously sweet. Baby Angolan monkeys are born completely white, turn gray, and then black, which is the color they'll remain through adulthood. This unique primate is native to the dense rain forests of central Africa and are thriving in zoos. Click through for pictures of the new addition and a few interesting facts about Angolan monkeys.

Exciting Arrival

Angolan Colobus monkeys are a threatened species, and this is the first of its kind to be born at the Brookfield Zoo. Some of their favorite foods include leaves, fruits, flowers, and twigs.

Loving Family

Black and white Angolan monkeys are territorial primates that live in groups and often mother other babes within the group. The newest addition to the Brookfield Zoo is getting lots of love from her mom, Olivia.

Fast Mover

These unique monkeys are active during the day and can swiftly move through the trees, which keeps them safe from predators. The group bands together in defense when needed.

Primate Oddity

Due to spending large amounts of time swinging through the trees, Angolan Colobus monkeys have no thumbs, which allows them to shape their fingers into curved hooks, perfect for leaping and grasping while navigating from tree to tree.

Luxurious Locks

Along with a characteristically slender body, the Angolan monkey is known for its long and flowing black and white locks. Born white, a newborn's coat will resemble an adult's by 3 months of age.

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