Baby Tigers, Boston Terriers and More Things We Saw This Week

What Happened on PetSugar This Week (4/19 – 4/23)?

Another week full of fun! This week we celebrated Earth Day but what else did we cover? See how well you paid attention and start the quiz now.

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What are these babes' names?
Riki and Kiki
Nico and Nostradamus
Rico and Kico
Castor and Pollux
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What is this item?
A coin purse
A dog bowl
A blanket
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What is the name of the company that makes these cute collars?
Gangs of New Yorkie
Beastie Feast
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What movie is this pup in?
The Back-up Plan
Marley and Me
Death at a Funeral
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How did I suggest getting a dog to look where you want him to during photo time?
Throwing a treat on the ground
Enlisting the help of an assistant to hold a treat on his eye level
Blowing a whistle
Laying on the ground
Guess Who's Showing Off His Tan Shirtless?
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Guess Who's Showing Off His Tan Shirtless?

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