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Bare Bones: Identity Crisis?!

I got found by a dog in Austin last November. Here I was minding my own business walking down the street when he trotted up to walk alongside. Not only was no one calling him back, there were no other people on the entire block. Being the animal lover that I am (and missing my lil' fella back home), I began talking happy puppy voice to him. We cross the street and the dog continues walking towards a man standing on the corner. As I was about to chastise the man for letting his dog roam off-leash, he grabs the dog's collar right before the dog darts into traffic, asking me if I am even paying attention to my dog. Realizing that the dog belonged to neither of us created quite the dilemma.

Luckily, the dog had an ID tag like the Bon Ton Baby – Flashing ID Tag (seen above). After trying three times to unsuccessfully get anyone to answer the phone, the only other option was to convince the dog to come into the car and bring him home, a good 10 minute drive away. But, unluckily, we arrive to a fenced-in yard and no one answering the door. We can't just leave the dog, nor can we sit in a stranger's driveway all day...

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The dog was a fairly big Lab mix but my (former college wrestler) friend decides to heave him over the fence and hope that he at least stays inside until his owners return home. As he does this, I knock on the neighbor's door to let him know to keep an eye out for the dog and tell the owners about their little escape artist.

So, that's just a long story to tell you a very short message, please get an ID tag for your pets! I'll talk about other pet ID options in a later post, but keep in mind that to read a microchip or tattoo ID requires bringing the pet to a vet. And, while getting that ID tag from a machine in a store is certainly better than no tag at all, here are some other options for this PetSugar essential (even one that plugs into a USB port!):

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