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Pamper Your Four-Legged Highness This Holiday

Nov 16 2013 - 7:00am

Treat your pet like a royal this holiday with a gift fit for a king. Money is no object when it comes to your loyal companion, so go ahead and splurge. To help you truly pamper your dog or cat this holiday season, we've rounded up 18 of the most luxurious pet gifts, including a shampoo created by an actual royal. Click through and happy shopping!

Your pooch doesn't need to bounce around in the backseat on a bumpy ride. He can go places in comfort with this Air Ride Booster Seat [1] ($80).

Your pet is spoiled, and she's not afraid to say it. These Spoiled Furever Pet Bowls [2] ($10) would work for cats or small dogs who love the pampered life.

With this Nicole Miller Treat Jar [3] ($17), you can stock up on treats for your lucky pup.

Dress your kitty up in baubles worthy of a trip to Tiffany with this Bow Tie and White Roses Collar [4] ($57).

Your dog is a big deal. He has many leather-bound books, his apartment smells of rich mahogany, and he sleeps in this sophisticated Lucky Pet Bed [5] ($399) with a faux-leather frame and a tufted russet cushion.

If you want cat furniture that will go with your modern digs, this KittiCraft Calabash cat swing [6] ($175) will blend in seamlessly and provide your cat with a comfortable, swingin' bed.

For the pet owner with a closet full of Birkins, there's no better choice than this Charles Nantucket Pet Carrier [7] ($425) to carry your pet in style.

Groom your pet like a royal with the help of an actual royal. Prince Lorenzo Borghese's (of The Bachelor fame) Royal Treatment Organic Lavender and Cashmere Shampoo [8] ($23) will make your pet smell like he just stepped out of the palace spa.

Your cat's tastes are far too refined for regular old dry food. Give him only the best, like red salmon caviar for pets [9] ($50), just like the royals have done throughout history.

When you have a king living under your roof, get him a king-size bed [10] ($350) to sleep in. This luxurious choice will also add a touch of art deco to your home decor.

Does your pup think she's a princess? Then this Christmas Couture Snowflake Dress [11] ($315) will make her look the part.

When your dog is not dressed to the nines, she'll want to don soft velour loungewear [12] ($39) like a celebrity on her off day.

Cain & Able's Paw Rub [13] ($10) is made from human-grade ingredients to moisturize and heal dry paws, elbows, and noses.

Slip this Swarovski Hot Girl Necklace [14] ($70) around your dog's neck and promptly bring over a mirror. She'll look and feel like a million bucks.

This ModKat Litter Box [15] ($188) looks more like retro, kitschy decoration than where your cat takes care of his private business. Plus, the rooftop access and perforated top prevent litter from spilling out.

As humans can attest, there is no shoe more comfortable than the ubiquitous UGG, so give your pup a pair of Pugz [16] ($16) to make those Winter walks a little more cozy.

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