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Pet's June Must Haves

Jun 1 2010 - 3:20pm

Get up and go this Summer [1]! To give thanks for warmer weather most everywhere, I've gathered up five cool finds for dogs and cats to gear up for the season change.


If your indoor cat still craves a taste (or sniff) of the great outdoors, let her do so safely with a PetSafe Cat Veranda ($130) [2]. It easily attaches to an open window for that peekaboo perch.

Chill Out

Although it's possible to position a fan near a pet's crate inside, this special ProSelect Deluxe Thermostatic Crate Fan ($13 and up) [3] has several optional attachments for all purposes and adventures. There's a plugin adapter for indoor time and one for car trips, along with a removable core that can be frozen for cooldown au naturel style.

Slick Oilcloth

Stinky fabric collars are no fun, and water can warp fancy leather ones. The solution? These Oilcloth Collars & Leads ($29 and up) [4] made from a vinyl woven with cotton material that holds up to stains and chompers and is naturally waterproof to boot.

Nutty For Knotty

Even if your Summer doesn't include a boat trip [5], get nautical with these sailor twists. The Rope Knot Dog Toy ($7.50 and up) [6] comes in two sizes for captains big and small.

You Drive, I Wag

While there are many ways to cart a pet on the road from kennel to carseat, add this Waghearted Car Seat Cover ($30) [7] for those seatbelted trips. The neutral, canvas material fits over the seats . . . and folds right up when you're home again!

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