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Bo, Bo, Bo: Merry Christmas From the White House!

Dec 3 2011 - 11:59am

Michelle Obama quips that family dog Bo is "the most famous member of the Obama family," and judging by this year's White House Christmas decorations, it's not far from the truth. The famed Portuguese Water Dog took center stage, as his human companions unveiled the festive trimmings at a special viewing for military families. But Bo wasn't merely on hand to supervise: clones of the political pooch starred in holiday vignettes throughout the White House while the first lady encouraged attendees to get crafty and create their own jolly canines.

This life-size topiary gets its plush texture from strips of felt.

A cute-as-a-button mini model of Bo is just that: 318 buttons, to be precise!

Bo likes to relax by the fire, but don't let this one too close: he's made of plastic trash bags!

A tiny replica of Bo adorned each place setting in the China Room.

This little Bo is fluffy and cuddly thanks to hundreds of pom poms.

A holiday celebration wouldn't be complete without cookies, and a White House celebration is certainly not complete without Bo.

The real Bo, supervising the arrival of the White House Christmas tree with the first lady, Sasha, and Malia.

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