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Pet Lover Presents: I Can't Get Enough Boston Terriers!

Nov 9 2010 - 3:40pm

I always take note of things I spot with a smooshy [1] up front, but I rarely purchase them (unless I'm in a gas station in Florida [2]). Still, I'm happily surprised to find several items that I'd be proud to pick up or get as a present. Naturally, as my lil North [3] is a Boston Terrier, this I Can't Get Enough [4] gifting series will kick off with his breed. A lil something for everyone, hopefully my pals can take a hint (wink wink).

Read It

The touching You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness [5] ($25) begins when the author — 30, single, and wondering if she'd ever meet the man of her dreams — adopted her first Boston named Otto. Her story continues with a husband, baby, and several more smooshies and is certain to touch the hearts of other Boston Terrier lovers out there, too.

Toss It

With careful crewel embroidery, the Boston pillow [6] ($49) may feature a mopey-looking pooch, but would still brighten up any drab sofa in the process.

Write It

Even if you grab these cards for Christmas, they can come in handy next year, or you can send out the Santa's Lil Terrier [7] ($14) notes before the holidays or gift them to a fellow Boston lover instead.

Tote It

Totes make a great base for a DIY [8] gift basket or eco-tastic present holder, and what's better than this Boston Tea Party [9] ($20) one? (Not much.)

Wear It

If your pal is not a fan of the "I heart my Boston Terrier" tees or over-the-top doggie silhouettes, this adorable locket [10] ($22) has three interchangable tops — one featuring a Boston and her owner, another with a Boston and galoshes, and then a dictionary cutout of "terrier" and the word "terrific," naturally.

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