It's been a while since North's tested out a new product. He's pretty occupied these days, Twittering and all. More online time means he's extra tired at night – yawn.Since the saying goes let sleeping dogs lie, I took a mini-break to blog about his new petLINENS bed. After all, if this snuggly, sleepy look is any testament, I think he approves. The cushions come in two sizes ($15 and $20) – this is the smallest – so both would be great options for even a dog much larger than North, lil pooches that like to sprawl, or a big home with space for the styles.

My favorite part is that you can get a petLINENS set with interchangeable slipcovers so, while one's in the wash, your furry friend can still enjoy naptime in clean luxury like spare doggy sheets. Since I couldn't resist sharing a couple more pictures of my pooch enjoying some rest, check them out below.