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"Boston Terror" Chronicles: North vs. the FURminator

"Boston Terror" Chronicles: North vs. the FURminator

With such a tough-sounding product name, I'll admit I was expecting the FURminator to work wonders terminating North's pet-hair issue. One local pet store has an actual TV playing this video of a man testing the product out on a heavy-shedding breed, the Golden Retriever, and that stack of dog hair was quite shocking . . . and definitely piqued my interest. Since I've got a pooch who does get hair on my clothes and my furniture, I was willing to try out anything to help me limit the shed. On the right, you'll recognize my cutie patootie and, on the left, a fairly ordinary looking brush said to do extraordinary things. Will it work out? Check out some pics and my opinions when you


Gross! Although the FURminator says it gets the best results on a freshly washed dog, bathtime just wasn't part of North's evening agenda that night, so I tested it out anyway. I got that big mass of hair from just 15 minutes, about all he would sit still for. I'd recommend cooing and petting/scratching a dog with another hand to take his attention away from the brush and my pup seemed to prefer short and gentle over longer strokes. I started with him on my lap but he got squirmy (and I could tell hair was gonna end up all over), so I had him sit on the hardwood floor per the instructions to "position a dog or cat in an area that would be easy to sweep or vacuum."
Or baggie. Ha. I'd definitely say this product is worth the money — I found a range of prices for the three sizes from $21 and up — and North didn't hate the FURminator any more than his normal brush and this gets at the undercoat and loose hair — hair I didn't even know was ready to shed. For those less-than-willing pups, there are also FURminator deShedding Dog Treats to lure him still and promote healthy skin and coat.

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