So big, wrinkled, and smooshy to boot, say hello to newest breed to be entered in the Westminster Dog Show. Although originally classified into three varieties, the Parisian, the Toulouse and the Bordeaux depending on the region of France and the jobs they were required to do, today this breed's known simply as the Dogue de Bordeaux (or even more simply as the French Mastiff).

The fawn colored working dogs weigh in over 100 pounds and serve as good guard dogs as well as attached and affectionate companions to a master. Now I was fairly certain I had never seen one of these pups before until I did a bit more research. Now, I'm positive that I'm not the only one who has spotted this breed in a classic film. Find out which – and see more pictures of this breed – when you


One of our favorite animal movies, Turner and Hooch featured a loveably slobbering Dogue de Bordeaux named Hooch. Aww, I remember him being nearly as adoro as "Darco" is here so I'll be tuning in tomorrow night to watch this breed compete in the Working group for the first time ever at MSG.