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Can I Get Evicted Because of My Dog?

I Need Your Help . . . Is My Dog Grounds For Eviction?

This question was posed anonymously in our Pet Peeves group:

I recently moved into a new apartment and the tenant below me has complained that she can hear my dog walking around. His nails have been cut and he weighs 14 pounds. She had also complained that she can hear me walking in the past (although I don't wear shoes indoors) and I'm worried that this will be grounds for eviction. We have hardwood floors of which 80% are covered with rugs or furniture per our lease agreement. I can't figure out how to make this situation better so she leaves me alone. I'd understand if my dog was barking or something like that but it isn't the case. He is crated during the day so this complaint only comes from when I am home. Do you think I could get kicked out over this? Can anyone help me please?!

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