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From Functional to Wacky, Cat Products to Keep Kitty Happy

Feb 21 2013 - 3:33am

February is National Cat Health Month [1], reminding all kitty owners to do the right thing when it comes to cat health. You'll either chuckle at or absolutely agree with the importance of these cat goodies, which range from natural and organic pet wash to outlandish products. So click through for a collection of cat products all made with the goal of keeping your kitty happy.

Cat Water Fountain

Handmade and ready to entice your kitty to lap it up, this cat water fountain [2] ($146) offers fresh, filtered water to your cat. And it sure makes that regular bowl of fresh water that you usually leave out look boring.

Calming Cat Chews

During big storms or long trips, offer your kitty calming cat chews [3] ($6) to ease the stress and help him relax.

Sofa Cat Scratcher

Made from recycled materials, this functional and cute sofa cat scratcher [4] ($32) helps your kitty's claws stay honed and healthy.

Miracle Coat Cat Grooming Mitt

This soft and flexible grooming mitt [5] ($9) helps groom your kitty and does double duty by cleaning furniture, too.

Cat Washroom Bench

Designed to fit your kitty's litter box and your favorite litter, this cat washroom [6] ($211) offers your cat privacy and keeps unmentionables out of view.

Organic Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner

All-natural and safe for cats, this ear cleaner [7] ($13) contains aloe vera for itch relief while cleaning the ear canal of dirt, wax, and other debris.

Crazy Cat Maze

Have an indoor kitty that longs to play outside? Here's a fun mesh cat maze [8] ($200) that allows your kitty to be in a safe environment while exploring the great outdoors. No guarantee that she'll love figuring out the maze.

Oral Health Chews

Because the idea of brushing a cat's teeth is pretty much crazy, offer your kitty an oral health chew [9] ($26) that keeps her teeth healthy and clean. And you'll love how her breath is a bit fresher after enjoying this treat.

Wool Felted Cat Toy

Made of wool and then felted for extra durability, this adorable little red-bird cat toy [10] ($12) is also filled with certified organic catnip, guaranteed to make any kitty a happy one.

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