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Curious Kitty: Cats Love Exploring Cardboard Boxes

Feb 4 2014 - 6:26pm

Cats can't resist an empty box. The intrigue, the fun, and the opportunity for cozy cuddle all seem to temot our feline friends to jump in and explore. Cats are curious by nature, which makes this collection of kitties having a great time in cardboard boxes seriously adorable and the perfect thing for a quick chuckle. From cats who think they're invisible once tucked inside to ones that seem indignant at being bothered while having a bit of cat-in-the-box fun, click through for a few cats that can't get enough of a cardboard box.

Camouflaged Cat

Here's a kitty that blends right in with her new favorite spot.

Source: Flickr user oskay [1]

Gift Package

This sweet feline just arrived by express mail.

Source: Flickr user Nichalia [2]

Hide and Seek

Here's a cat that's found the perfect hiding spot.

Source: Flickr user miss pupik [3]

Cute Kitty

This little kitty likes big boxes.

Source: Flickr user brownpau [4]

Mystery Inside

All that you can see of this black cat while she's hiding in her favorite box are her glowing eyes.

Source: Instagram user lillylamberg [5]

Cat Box Nap

This cute cat needed a quick nap after spending a bit of time playing in her favorite box.

Source: Flickr user eugenethephotobug [6]

Cuddle Up

How adorable is this sweet cat enjoying a cardboard box cuddle?

Source: Flickr user miss Murasaki [7]

Three's a Crowd

Here's a cardboard box that's seriously popular.

Source: Instagram user patriciafurtado [8]


This sweet kitty just wanted a bit of alone time with her box.

Source: Flickr user nromagna [9]

You Don't See Me

This cat wasn't so excited about being found in her favorite box.

Source: Flickr user wrestlingentropy [10]

To Each Her Own

Each kitty had her own box in this happy home.

Source: Instagram user sam_and_billy [11]


Here's a cat that's positive she's invisible while hiding in this cardboard box.

Source: Instagram user numpty_9204 [12]

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