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Summer Fun: Cats on Leashes

Aug 8 2014 - 10:00am

Let's be honest — the idea of a cat being happy about donning a leash and heading out for a walk seems impossible. While images of screaming cats with their claws firmly rooted in the ground (or cement!) flash through your head, we've found a few proud feline owners that have mastered the art of walking the cat. Click through for a collection of cats on leashes.

Source: Flickr user BrittneyBush [1]

Taking a Moment

Here's a sweet kitty taking it all in while enjoying a walk.

Source: Flickr user juhansonin [2]

I Saw Something

Unlike when dogs see something interesting and go bounding forward, this kitty preferred to stop and take a closer look. For how long? Who knows.

Source: Flickr user leafwarbler [3]

Um, No.

This is what most envision when someone says they are "taking the cat for a walk."

Source: Instagram user naerayentleybay [4]

Come On!

This happy cat loves a good walk — if only her owner would keep up!

Source: Flickr user Soggydan [5]

Hitching a Ride

This kitty got tuckered out while walking, but enjoyed the sights from her owner's shoulder.

Source: Flickr user Mr. T in DC [6]


Yeah, this cat might not be quite ready for the total outdoor experience.

Source: Flickr user Nikias [7]

Me? Just Chillin'

This cute cat didn't seem at all fazed about taking a long walk with her owner, and was more than happy to stop for a bit of lounging.

Source: Flickr user yumenouta [8]

Great View

Well, maybe this cutie isn't ready for a long walk, but she sure enjoyed the view.

Source: Instagram user murdobeans [9]

Are You Following Me?

It seems this kitty isn't quite sure about the whole "walking together" thing.

Source: Instagram user aliceishope [10]

Leisurely Stroll

If this sweet girl can train her kitty to walk on a lead, it should be pretty easy right?

Source: Instagram user econat [11]

Who's Walking Who?

Is the Corgie walking the kitty or is it the other way around?

Source: Instagram user melonbean [12]

I Saw a Bird!

Something caught the attention of this kitty while strolling.

Source: Instagram user ddista [13]

Too Cool

Not only does this cat love a good walk, she mastered riding a skateboard too.

Source: Instagram user cillybunny [14]

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