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Celebrate Your Holidays With Connections From Hallmark at Walmart!

Dec 11 2009 - 5:45am

Let the holidays be a time to show your appreciation — with cards and beautiful gift wrap. Nothing lets someone know theyʼre special like receiving a card or present from the heart. Our holiday greeting cards include the always festive and popular Cards With Sound and Recordable Cards with Music that let you customize your glad tidings. So no matter how you want to express your appreciation this holiday, we have the right card and gift wrap for you. A card. Itʼs the biggest little thing you can do. Check out Connections from Hallmark's Holiday Collection at Walmart! [1]

Put a little “ho, ho, ho” into their holidays.

Sometimes the best way to show your appreciation is by making them laugh. Whether youʼre trying for a big belly laugh or a wry smile, weʼve got all sorts of holiday cards to please every sense of humor. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [2]

Have a classic Christmas with tradition in mind.

Reminiscent of holidays gone by, these gift bags feature simple, smart, and elegant colors that will enhance any present and look beautiful with any holiday décor. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [3]

Give a holiday card that shows your love.

Give a holiday card that shows your love. Whether itʼs the love of your life or a beloved family friend, one of our sentimental cards can express your heartfelt feelings this holiday. Our range of holiday greetings for your loved ones lets them know theyʼre near and dear to you. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [4]

This year, style is in the bag.

Put a little panache into your presentation with some fresh and fun gift bags. Cool, contemporary designs make all your wonderful gifts that much better. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [5]

Give someone an extra helping of holiday cheer.

For friends or family members who might be having a hard time with the holidays, you can let them know you understand with a special card. With plenty of thoughtful, sincere messages, our cards are a nice way to say, “Iʼm here for you” all season long. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [6]

Something to get really wrapped up in.

No matter the size, no matter the recipient, your gift will look festive and fun covered in one of our many pleasing wrapping paper patterns. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [7]

We could all use a card to help our holiday shine a little brighter, one that simply says, “Thanks.”

For those people in our lives who truly make a difference, ʼtis the season for a thoughtful thank-you. Whether theyʼve done a lot or just a little, theyʼll love getting a handpicked holiday card that lets them know. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [8]

Give the gift of a gift card.

Itʼs always the right size and right color, and now you can make sure itʼs presented just right, too. Gift cards are fun to open and a pleasure to receive. Even better is receiving a gift card in a festive gift card holder from Connections from Hallmark! Choose from a variety of spirited styles that hold your gift card until the lucky recipient decides to use it. See more at Walmart.com/Hallmark! [9]

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