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Celebrity Pets Made Famous Via Twitter

Jun 8 2011 - 3:43pm

It's always an awesome surprise when a link to a puppy picture shows up on our Twitter feed. Celebrities love sharing pictures of their furry friends, and we love oohing and aahing over these adorable pups! Some celebrity dogs have developed such a devoted fan base that they need their own Twitter handle just to keep up. Here are some of our favorite pics celebrities have uploaded of their seriously adorable pups.


Here is Serena Williams's adorable Jack Russell Terrier sporting her mama's killer shades.

Source: Twitpic User SerenaWilliams [1]


Victoria Beckham's beautiful new pup enjoys a sunny Memorial Day weekend poolside.

Source: yfrog User victoriabeckham [2]

Ginger and Mary Ann

Aubrey O'Day's dogs "love the smell of a first rain!"

Source: Twitpic User AubreyODay [3]

Oprah Winfree

50Cent loves bringing his dog to the office. Oprah Winfree is so famous that she has her very own Twitter account!

Source: Twitpic User 50cent [4]


Bethenny Frankel's Cookie is no stranger to the spotlight. She's had cameo appearances on The Real Housewives of NYC and Bethenny's Getting Married.

Source: Twitpic User Bethenny [5]

Lexi and Harley

We are so glad Julianne Hough captured this adorable shot of her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels peacefully napping last Sunday.

Source: Twitpic User juliannehough [6]


Kelly Osborne's pup poses for this Twitpic right after a good bath.

Source: Twitpic User MissKellyO [7]


Smile for the camera! Puddy takes a perfect shot with his R&B crooning dad, John Legend.

Source: Twitpic User johnlegend [8]


Lauren Conrad's pooch is too cool for school in these awesome aviators.

Source: Twitpic User LaurenConrad [9]

Cha Cha and Jackie Lamb Chops

Mariah Carey's Jack Russell Terriers pause for a happy close-up shot.

Source: Twitpic User MariahCarey [10]

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