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New Product Sneak Peek! Crate & Barrel Pet Line

Jun 30 2010 - 12:30pm

When I'm making a quick trip to the store (without my pup in the car [1]), I love the idea of one-stop shopping! Now the latest company to join the pet product biz is Crate & Barrel, launching a new wild line next month in stores and online [2] to accompany its existing housewares offerings. With prices from $2 and up, see some of the good goods to treat the good dogs and cats, too!

Feed Me These, Please

Simple and to the point — your dog likes bones, and this pretty pattern lets the world know it!

Sealed With a Fish

Considering all the sweet kitchen containers this store carries, this may be neither a crate nor a barrel but it's a sweet way to hold kitty's kibble.

Laying Low

It's not chilly in most of the country at the moment, but this would make a great spread for a beach or picnic trip.

Barking Mad For More

Uh oh! I hope these bowls don't encourage a pup to bark (woof or ruff) for more food when he's all done.

Talk Soup

Kitty's a lil quieter and so are her meowing and purring talk bubbles.

Sloppy Slobber Saver

Naturally, the floors should stay clean too, plus the slogans match the bowls.

Rest in Peace

A subtle gingham will blend in, but those paws make it stand out. I'm loving the pop of red especially, since that's North's favorite color (according to me).

Check Him Out

If your pups are more into the matchy-matchy, this checkered collar matches the bend and blends with those solid white or black pups, too.

Toys For the Paws

Betting there's a squeaker in there! This bone toy switches up the standard solid offerings with sleek stripes.

Pick These Please

OK, I know pups can't really tell how pretty these flowers are, but I'm happy knowing it myself.

Something's Spotty

Pink and purple so sign up the girly pups for something pretty.

Sweet Tooth

It's not Christmas yet, but this bone still looks appealing to me . . . especially the visible stitching.

Cat and Mouse

Even you won't be sad to find these pretty mice strewn around your house. The kitty will be content, too, since I'm betting there's catnip involved here.

Ruff McGruff

All the dog's favorite noises will lead you right to him (literally) with this leash.

Time For Treats

What are you looking to treat yourself to from this line?

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