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Creature Features: Coatis, the Cute Lil Chatterboxes

Nov 11 2009 - 11:40am

Native to South, Central, and southwestern North America, Coatis are cute chattering creatures. If you've ever spotted one in the wild or at a local zoo, learn a lil something more about the mammals in this slideshow stuffed with the raccoon's day playing cousin.

A Coati by Any Other Name

While some people may refer to these animals as coatimundi, that is actually not the proper name, Coati [1] is. Some other nicknames: Brazilian aardvarks, hog-nosed coons, and snookum bears. Awww, snookums.

Super Nosy

That exceptionally long snout maybe have helped with their aardvark comparison, and they use it to sniff out insects as well as fruit and small mammals and lizards for dinner.

Ring Around the Tail

Ring-tailed coatis usually have light brown or greyish coats, with a lighter ringed tail like a raccoon! They similarly make mischief for humans, both in zoos and outside, loving to climb and wiggle their way into places and even unscrew light bulbs [2]!

Grouped Together

Like raccoons, coatis are members of the family Procyonidae, a group that includes olingos and kinkajous. However, these creatures are diurnal, meaning most active in the daytime!

Females Rule the Roost

Both males and females nest together, but scientists say the females are very self-sufficient [3]. In fact, girlfriends help nurse and care for babies together like a self-made daycare. Girl (Coati) power forever!

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