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Insta-Cheer! Animals You Should Be Following on Instagram

Feb 24 2014 - 7:00am

Take a break from looking at food porn on Instagram, and ogle these animals instead. Some you may recognize (like "the most famous dog on Instagram"), some you might be meeting for the first time (like Hero the action dog), but all will melt your heart. From a little girl and her tabby cat sidekick to a flying hedgehog, click through now to see the cutest animals on Instagram.

And speaking of, POPSUGAR Pets has joined [1] the Instagram party, so be sure to follow us!

Proceed with caution: your heart might explode from viewing this Instagram account. (But do it anyway, obviously.)

Source: Instagram user ayasakai [2]

Oh, and if you survived the last one, here's the girl/cat version of the cute pair: Toco the cat and his best friend.

Source: Instagram user makicocomo [3]

If you're a Husky fan, then do yourself a favor and follow this account that documents the daily shenanigans of 13 Siberian Huskies. Bonus: their names are Buzz, Pooka, Leah, Zizou, Rascal, Musky, Pikey, Scarab, Pixie, Angus, Ash, Jet, and Dot.

Source: Instagram user alyeska [4]

Mushie is one half of Mushie Loves Sookie, but on this Instagram account, you'll get to spy both kitties in their daily lives.

Source: Instagram user mushielovessookie [5]

Everybody loves Pugs, and you'll definitely fall in love with Darwin, who goes wherever the road takes him.

Source: Instagram user wanderlustpug [6]

This Exotic Shorthair is a cartoon character. No, really. I think this entire account is CGI.

Source: Instagram user snoopybabe [7]

Hey, hey! It's everyone's favorite hip-hop dog, Tupac Shacorgi. He's been keepin' it real since the last time we saw him [8].

Source: Instagram user tupacshacorgi [9]

Coonhound Maddie's owner, Theron Humphrey, loves to take pictures of his pooch standing on or wearing random objects. It sounds silly, but his photography is gorgeous.

Source: Instagram user thiswildidea [10]

In a world dominated by cats and dogs, it's nice to see a different species on Instagram. Darcy the hedgehog does not disappoint.

Source: Instagram user darcytheflyinghedgehog [11]

If there was ever a dog equivalent of Tom Cruise [12], then this is it. Hero is a White German Shepherd who makes action shots look easy.

Source: Instagram user handsomemike [13]

Can someone say "mustache envy"? You thought your dad had the coolest mustache in the world . . . until you met this guy.

Source: Instagram user xixilan_788 [14]

Prepare to melt! This is Tuna, a Chiweenie with a lower jawline dysfunction that gives him an exaggerated overbite. He may look peculiar, but he's still a happy and cuddly dog.

Source: Instagram user tunameltsmyheart [15]

You may already know Spangles [16], but if you don't, then get to know this adorably cross-eyed cat with a penchant for costumes.

Source: Instagram user spangles09 [17]

Meet Iriko, a 1-year-old Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mix with the cutest pigtails, er, ears.

Source: Instagram user hana_uoj [18]

This Instagram account is full of minimalist-style pictures in a color palette that honors its favorite subject: Wheat the cat.

Source: Instagram user tomochunba [19]

It's Maru Taro the Shiba-inu, aka "the most famous dog on Instagram!"

Source: Instagram user marutaro [20]

This is Richard. He takes the prize for most unique (and beautiful) eyes on Instagram.

Source: Instagram user richard_kitty [21]

And get caught up with Smudge, the kitty that always looks adorable.

Source: Instagram user smudgethekitty [22]

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