Cute Baby Bear Pictures

If You See This Bear, Don't Hug It

Cute Baby Bear Pictures

Today might be Hug a Bear Day, but if there's one rule you can count on while camping or hiking, it's that bears don't take kindly to embraces. In fact, if you encounter an adorable grizzly, polar, or kodiak while out on the trail, you should avoid eye contact and walk slowly away so as not to provoke or startle them. And even if you encounter a huggable-looking baby bear, get away while you can because his protective (and much larger) mother is undoubtedly nearby. Bear cubs sure are cute, though, so we thought we'd celebrate this unusual holiday with a roundup of cuddly ursine photos. And if you get the urge to give one a squeeze, please grab the nearest pal or teddy bear instead!

Source: Getty

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