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Skip the Easter Chocolate and Feast Your Eyes on Cute Bunnies Instead

Apr 19 2014 - 7:00am

In anticipation of the Easter holiday — and treats — put down that giant chocolate rabbit and press play on these videos instead. Unlike your judgmental cats [1] or sweet, welcoming dogs [2], bunnies have a distinct appeal that's hard to put your finger on. Perhaps it's because they're normally so placid that when they do something out of the ordinary, we explode with "oohs" and "awws." Whether it's a bunny eating a flower Thumper-style, bunnies competing in a show-jumping course, or just a bunny in a bowl, our minds are blown that they're doing something other than pooping. Click through to see our roundup of the best bunny videos on YouTube and treat yourself guilt-free!

This lop-eared rabbit really enjoys mugging for the camera, if only to convince the cameraperson to give him a sprig for dinner.

This little guy seems cozy sitting in his bowl, even if he has to squeeze his little bunny face into it to reach his hay. Such a trooper you are, bunny.

Unlike cats, bunnies don't go off the rails and tear the shower curtains down when you turn the shower on them. Despite not running for his life, this little guy appears more stumped than happy.

Meet Emily and Bart, an adorable pair of Lionhead rabbits who really love carrots, so much so that they keep "nicking" each other's.

You have not lived until you've seen competitive bunny show jumping. They may not look athletic, but the mighty bunny's hop is no joke.

As if Angora rabbits weren't amazing enough, with their enormously fluffy fur, this one in particular proves that he's also the king of the jungle.

Thumper, is that you? This little baby rabbit calls to mind Bambi's best friend, who also had a penchant for devouring flowers.

Fact: there is nothing better than interspecies friendships. Nothing. If you don't believe me, just look at these BFFs.

Bunnies playing in the snow! Need I say more?

Om nom nom . . . just a rabbit eating a cucumber. Simple, straightforward, and wholly entertaining.

"Wake up! Suit yourself — I'll just sit on you."

Who says rabbits are useless? This one is an expert letter opener who really puts those chompers to good use.

Have you ever seen a bunny yawn? If not, do yourself a favor and press play.

Baby bunny just can't keep her eyes open!

One is incessantly prodding for attention, and the other is blatantly ignoring him, which can only mean one thing: siblings.

Is there a terrain that bunnies can't handle? This baby bunny looks like the Michael Phelps [3] of rabbits.

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