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16 Stylish, Handmade Beds For Your Favorite Feline

Jul 25 2015 - 10:15am

Cat furniture has a well-deserved reputation for being a bit of an eye sore. Thankfully, cat owners have taken matters into their own hands and onto our favorite secret source — Etsy [1]. It turns out that there are plenty of stylish cat beds available, especially for the design-lover. The best part? Your feline friend is guaranteed to love them too.

— Additional reporting by Miranda Jones

Cuteness explosion! The black-and-white border on this red felt cat bed [2] ($58) makes it very on trend.

We're wild about the color of this cat cave [3] ($79)!

Is it a speaker or an ottoman? Trick question! This seemingly Scandinavian-influenced piece is really a modern cat house [4] ($450).

Ombré, anyone? This cat bed [5] ($77) also comes in green, purple, and pink versions.

The jury is still out on whether kitties think this fish-bone pillow on this cat bed [6] ($149) is as cute as we do.

It would be enough if this was a cat bed and a scratching post [7] ($129), but the fact that it is also actually shaped like a kitty takes it over the edge!

In case you like to switch out your pet decor with the season, this tree-adorned felted cat bed [8] ($78) is perfect for Fall or Winter.

With a foam insert in the bed and bolsters, this modern cat bed [9] ($169) might just be superior to your own bed.

With a cozy, taco-like shape, this kitty bed [10] ($97) is bound to become a feline favorite very quickly.

This gray felted cat cave [11] ($55) would make the perfect little hideaway for your kitty.

This cat bed [12] ($109) is like a fantastic mashup of Where the Wild Things Are and a cat. We love the ears!

What could possibly be more comfy to sleep on than a cozy merino wool bed [13] ($60)? We think nothing.

If you've got vintage-style decor going on in your home, this repurposed fruit crate [14] ($41) cat bed will fit right in.

We just really love the cat caves [15] ($109) with ears. They're beyond cute.

This made-to-order felt watermelon cave [16] ($75) is a sweet place for your furry friend to hide.

Not only is this strawberries and cream bed [17] ($60) beyond adorable, but it also comes with organic cat-nip toys.

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