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Who Let the Dogs Out (in the Rain)?

Mar 20 2014 - 7:00am

Humans aren't the only ones who have to deal with unexpected showers in the Spring. Rain or shine, our dog friends need their daily walks. So what are we to do? We searched through Instagram and found a number of adorable pictures of dogs in raincoats — some fashionable, some strictly functional. Either way, these dogs deserve a treat for braving the finicky Spring weather (and the raincoat). Would you dress your pooch in a raincoat? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Instagram user ahhmazinggracie [1]

Fits Like a Glove

In a yellow raincoat that fits like a glove, this Maltese is bundled up and ready for a walk.

Source: Instagram user thehappiestoftails [2]

Pretty in Pink

This Boston Terrier doesn't seem to mind the raincoat as long as it's fashionably pink.

Source: Instagram user juliagulia217 [3]

Puppy Eyes

Raining or not, this Pomeranian just wants to go outside!

Source: Instagram user razzledazzlemee [4]

Let Me In!

Aww, someone let the poor dog inside!

Source: Instagram user ashley_elle22 [5]

Miserable Pup

This Pekingese looks miserable in his raincoat.

Source: Instagram user kylewilcher [6]

Camouflage Fail

No, sweetie, you're not camouflaged.

Source: Instagram user iamnatali [7]

Polka-Dot Puppy

This photo of a Maltese in a red and white polka-dot raincoat is just too precious.

Source: Instagram user ahhmazinggracie [8]

Winner Raincoat

Now that's a practical raincoat.

Source: Instagram user shawnz3 [9]

Feeling Blue

This French Bulldog will do anything to keep his ears out of the hood.

Source: Instagram user bilita_mpash [10]

The Sherlock Holmes

This Chinese Crested Poodle is living it Sherlock Holmes style in a black raincoat.

Source: Instagram user bogalaxygirl [11]

Red Riding Hood

Not-so-little red riding hood!

Source: Instagram user saffronwishes [12]

Too Cool For School

This Shih Tzu looks too cool for school in his red raincoat gear.

Source: Instagram user ajperez94 [13]

Upcycle It!

Don't have a raincoat? Improvise with a plastic bag from the drugstore!

Source: Instagram user amela_sandra [14]

The Crop Top

Or use a plastic bag if your torso is too long!

Source: Instagram user corgismilesbyonlyk [15]

Run Like the Wind!

This Golden Shepherd doesn't seem to mind the bulky raincoat at all!

Source: Instagram user doggietiquette101 [16]

Uncomfortable Pooch

Erm, that pink raincoat looks a bit small for you.

Source: Instagram user knittnatt [17]

I Won't Forget This!

This Shih Tzu is totally going to pee on your furniture later.

Source: Instagram user momizendotcom [18]

The Pug Life

The Pug life means wearing a pink raincoat.

Source: Instagram user oliw00t [19]

Ready For Battle

This Shiba Inu looks ready for battle in his royal blue suit.

Source: Instagram user zeus_shiba [20]

The Good Boy

This Corgi Pomeranian looks so well-behaved.

Source: Instagram user flybbstagram [21]

Cute as a Button

This Chihuahua is adorable in an oversize raincoat.

Source: Instagram user raina_stinson [22]

Angry Dog

This Bulldog is not too happy about her polka-dot raincoat.

Source: Instagram user carlypuck [23]

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