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Dogs Donning Santa Hats: A Double Dose of Cute

Dec 4 2014 - 4:23pm

Celebrate the season with adorable pups donning Santa hats. 'Tis the time of year for embracing all things festive, which makes it totally appropriate to dress up your dog in head-to-paw holiday gear. Keep reading for a collection of our favorites.

Source: Flickr user somecanuckchick [1]

Happy Holidays!

Here's a cutie that's all wrapped up with Christmas cheer!

Source: Instagram user nalathepitmix [2]

Holiday Cutie

This pup isn't quite sure about sporting Santa gear.

Source: Instagram user rocherxkatcha [3]

Ho, Ho, Ho!

A rosy nose makes this darling dog into a festive Rudolph.

Source: Flickr user AussieGall [4]

Santa's Little Helper

Here's a little cutie that's ready to assist Santa this holiday season.

Source: Instagram user djaffe [5]


Is it Christmas yet? Is it Christmas yet?

Source: Instagram user karlmarion [6]


The Santa hat is cute, of course, but a colorful beaded necklace makes this pup extra festive.

Source: Flickr user jumpyjodes [7]

'Tis the Season

This holiday-ready hound shows off a merry message.

Source: Instagram user muttadventures [8]

Oh, Happy Day!

It's all smiles for this Christmas-y canine.

Source: Flickr user Maaksuut [9]

Winter Wonderland

Here's a malamute that's ready for some holiday fun.

Source: Instagram suer nina_malamute [10]

Mini Santa

This mini Santa is ready to spread some cheer this holiday season.

Source: Instagram user stevieleigh28 [11]


Who can resist this cuteness? No one.

Source: Instagram user missem13_ [12]

Festive Pup

This little guy's ready to rock around the Christmas tree.

Source: Instagram user milanicavalli [13]

Puppy Love

With a front-hanging Christmas cap, he brings "puppy dog eyes" to a whole new level.

Source: Flickr user KellyGifford [14]

Long Night

This little guy is all tuckered out after all the festive fun.

Source: Instagram user amanduh_beeee [15]

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